Claire Asher: About


I am a freelance science writer, performer and comedian with a background in ecology and evolutionary biology.

I did a PhD in Genetics, Ecology, and Evolution (GEE) at the University of Leeds and the Institute of Zoology and have been working as a science communicator ever since. Currently, I work part time as Public Engagement Manager of the UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) Network, based at Imperial College London, where I produce a weekly podcast called Robot Talk. I previously worked as Impact and Innovation Officer for the London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership and as Knowledge Transfer Officer for the Center for Biodiversity and Environment Research (University College London).

Writing and Editing

I have been published both in print and online (Mongabay, New Scientist, Nature News, ScienceNOW, The Scientist, BBC Earth, BBC Science Focus, WhizzPopBang).

My book, Brave Green World, co-authored with Chris Forman and published by MIT Press, came out on the 30th March 2021.

I have also written book chapters on ecology and climate and consulted on books on evolution and nutrition.

I am available for freelance writing and editing work - get in touch!.


I do talks and comedy sets on everything from evolution and ant behaviour to sustainability and superfoods, and have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Wilderness Festival, Greenman Festival and pubs around London. I have appeared on science comedy panels at Professor Malices' Science Apocalpse and The Science Newseum. I have appeared on tv and radio talking about ants, wasps, tardigrades, fig evolution and fire ecology.

In 2018 I took part in The Science Showoff Talent Factory, working with a cohort of 14 amazing science performers on some exciting projects and events, with mentoring from some of the UK's top science communicators.

If you'd like to book me for an event, drop me an email or tweet me @claireasher.


My background is in evolution, ecology, genetics and animal behaviour, and I did a PhD on the genetics and social behaviour of the 3cm-long dinosaur ant, Dinoponera quadriceps. I've also studied zebra finches, warthogs and bats, and I am curious about topics throughout the biological and environmental sciences. I have an endless curiosity about the world and everything in it - how it works, how it came to be here, and how it will respond to future changes. I take a realistic, pragmatic approach and I am interested in innovative solutions that generate win-wins for productivity and conservation and sustainability.


In my spare time I enjoy wildlife photography and I sell some of my prints and gifts on my Etsy store.