Science Engagement

Science Showoff, October 2017 (The Star of Kings, Islington)
Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe, August 2017
Science Showoff at Croydon Comedy Festival 2017 (The Spread Eagle, Croydon)
DTP Summer Conference Student Comedy 2016 (Kings College London)
Science Showoff, February 2015 (Bloomsbury Theatre)
Ugly Animal Preservation Society, August 2014 (Wilderness Festival)
Conservation Hackathon, 2014 (Rainmaking Loft; London Zoo)
BrightClub at Green Man Festival, August 2013
BBC 4 Planet Ant Documentary, March 2013
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Upcoming Events

Past Events

I am a passionate science communicator with over five years experience of public engagement with science. I am available for public speaking and other science engagement events - please contact me or check out my ScienceLive or speakezee profiles for more information. I'm also a member of The Science Showoff Talent Factory cohort 2, and you can see my profile here.

Radio Interviews

Newstalk July 2016 - Should we let wildfires burn?


Science Showoff May 2016 - Why isn't everyone an arsehole?

Smashed Science October 2016 hosted by Florence Schechter.

Science Showoff October 2017 - Say NO to Salad