Science Engagement

Science Showoff, February 2015 (Bloomsbury Theatre)
Ugly Animal Preservation Society, August 2014 (Wilderness Festival)
Conservation Hackathon, 2014 (Rainmaking Loft; London Zoo)
BrightClub at Green Man Festival, August 2013
BBC 4 Planet Ant Documentary, March 2013
DTP Summer Conference Student Comedy 2016 (Kings College London)
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Upcoming Events

Past Events

I am a passionate science communicator with over five years experience of public engagement with science. I am available for public speaking and other science engagement events - please contact me or check out my ScienceLive or speakezee profiles for more information. I'm also a member of The Science Showoff Talent Factory cohort 2, and you can see my profile here.

Radio Interviews

Newstalk July 2016 - Should we let wildfires burn?


Science Showoff May 2016 - Why isn't everyone an arsehole?

Smashed Science October 2016 hosted by Florence Schechter.